PNR status is a trusty website that provides accurate details regarding IRCTC PNR status.Passengers can get their ticket status very often through check PNR status of the Indian Railway PNR status.Even for the new visitors who does’nt have basic idea regarding Indian Railway PNR  we feel happy to share complete information regarding PNR status. 
IRCTC PNR is an service which is completely provided by Government of India.And the status of booked tickets,complete information regarding train PNR status can be obtained in our PNR status website.
To get exact information about your  reservation status enter 10 digit PNR code in the text box provided and click on “Get PNR Status” button. Other extra symbols like hypen (-) are not needed. 

            What does PNR status mean?
“Passenger Name Record” abbrevated as PNR.This PNR is an record in the database of Indian Railways Computer Reservation System (IR-CRS) in which complete journey details of all the passengers will be saved.And these passengers details will be associated with an unique ten digit number.That unique number is termed as PNR which will be printed on the ticket.Here passengers personal details like passengers name, age ,gender etc will be saved in the database.Here in the columns it provides store booking status and current status of the ticket. 
Since we know that every train has limited number of seats sometimes few may not get a confirmed reserved ticket.It mean that ticket is in the waiting list.Booking status of such waitlisting (W/L) tickets changes.The updated status of the booked ticket is generally called as “PNR STATUS”.

How to Identify PNR code on ticket:

If the train ticket is collected from Railway booking counter then PNR code will be printed on the top left corner of the ticket for eg:786-1234567.In case if the ticket was booked online the PNR code will be mentioned at the top in a separate cell.If you have booked online by providing your mobile number then PNR may also be sent through SMS alerts on your mobile.

Ways of checking PNR status:

We are having various methods for PNR status enquiry.very useful and easy methods are:

1.checking through online website.

2.Through sms on mobile.

3.By using smart phone apps.

4.By enquiring at counters in the railway station.

5.By checking at reservation charts.

Types of train tickets available:

Indian Railway Tickets are of 2 types:




Electronic ticket is the ticket bookedthrough IRCTC website.Here passenger gets print out with passenger ID.


 i-Ticket is a ticket which is booked at reservation counter at therailway station.It can be received through courier directly to home. 

Types of trains in Indian Railway:

            Indian Railways first train was started in 1853 between Mumbai and Thane.Current existing technology in trains is a result of development in technology.At present we have Daily express,local passenger  trains.Indian Railways has seperated trains based on their average speed, number of halts on their route.They are listed below as:

                      1.Metro Trains
                      2.Suburban Locals
                      3.Passenger Trains
                      4.Express and Super-fast Express
                      5.Shatabdi  and  Janshatabdi Express Trains
                      6.Garib Rath
                       7.Rajdhani Express
                       8.Duranto Express

1.Metro Trains:
Metro trains will be provided with complete latest technologies and facilities.They are currently available in few metro cities like Mumbai,Delhi and Kolkata.Metro trains will not provide unique  PNR  code since one cannot reserve metro ticket in advance.Metro trains run at moderate speed in their scheduled time.
2.Suburban Locals:
            These trains are currently running in cities like Mumbai,Kolkata and Chennai.In these suburban locals also reservation is not possible for ticket booking.In these we have slow locals and fast local trains.Slow local trains will halt on every station and fst locals halt only on main stations.
3.Passenger Trains:
            These are further divided into slow passenger trains and fast passenger trains.Slow passenger trains stop at each station between the route.Here also ticket reservation is not available for booking in advance.  
4.Express and Super-fast Express:
          Express trains run faster than other trains.They move across long distances and we can book tickets in advance.Since tickets can be booked we get unique PNR code.For non reserved train tickets PNR status checking facility is available.
5.Shatabdi and Janshatadbi Express Trains:
          These are the trains with high speed in Indian Railway.Sleeper coach will not be provided in these trains.They have seats for seating only.Here Shatadbi trains will be fully air conditioned  and Janshatabdi will be provided with both AC and non AC.Here ticket reservation facility is available.
6.Garib Rath:
          The ticket cost of these trains is less than other AC trains.Since reservation facility is available PNR status can be checked through website.
7.Rajdhani Express:
                    They are completely air conditioned and covers major cities of India.They run in their scheduled time with very few stops in between their routes.Reservation facility is provided so that PNR status can be checked time to time. 
8.Duranto Express:
          These trains will not stop in between the route till be destination is reached.Therefore they are called source to destination trains.

Types of booking status codes with description:

Cancelled or Modified Passenger
CNF / Confirmed
Confirmed (Coach/Berth number will be available after chart preparation)
Reservation Against Cancellation
WL #
Waiting List Number
Tatkal Waiting List Number
Remote Location Wait List
General Wait List

Here we have list of booking codes with meaning

Pooled Quota Wait List
No More Booking Permitted
Ticket Not Cancelled but Alternative Accommodation Provided
R# #
RAC Coach Number Berth Number
Tatkal Quota

Types of class codes with meaning:

Here we have different class codes with meaning

AC First class (Air-Conditioned)
AC 2 Tier Sleeper (Air-Conditioned)
AC 3 Tier (Air-Conditioned)
AC 3 Tier Economy (Air-Conditioned)
AC Chair Car (Air-Conditioned)
First class
Sleeper Class
Second Sitting

Different Quota codes and their meaning:

Here we have list of different quota codes with meaning

General Quota
Tatkal Quota
Premium Tatkal Quota
Reservation Against Cancellation
Lower Berth
Pooled Quota
Out Station
Road Side
General Quota Road Side
Ladies Quota
Female(above 45 Year)/Senior Citizen/Travelling alone
Physically Handicapped Quota
Head quarters/high official Quota

Defence Quota

Parliament house Quota

Foreign Tourist Quota

Duty Pass Quota

Railway Employee Staff on Duty for the train
Different Coach codes and their meaning:

 Here we have different coach codes with meaning

2-Tier Air Conditioned Coach
There are total 6 berths in coupe among which 2 berth are facing each other i.e Lower and Upper side. These berths are bigger and wider than 3-Tier Berths.
3-Tier Air Conditioned Coach
There are total 8 berths in a coupe among which 3 berths are facing each other i.e Lower , Middle and Upper and two side berth. Basically this is similar to slepper Coach.
Air Conditioned Chair Car
These are the generally day trains where the arrangement of seat are made in 3+3 or 3+2 configuration which can be pushed back and also have aisle(walkaway) in between.
Second Class seats which can be booked
These are the same 3+3 seats with walkaway in between but these seats are pre-reservable. i.e they are pre-booked before the train is boarded.
Executive Chair Car
These seats are more wider and spacious than normal Chair Car.
Extra Coach
Sometimes in some festival season or during vacation the amount of commuters increase , so extra Coaches are added. Generally these extra Coach are of lower Classes.
Combination of Executive Class and Second Class
Some Coaches are divided in middle, mostly Executive Class only. So some seats / berths are of Executive Class in one half and Second Class in another half
Non-A.C First Class
These are coupe with doors. There are no side berths and these have the capability to accommodate 2-4 persons.
3-Tier Air Conditioned(Garib Rath)
It is the symbol which is used for indicating the Class S (Sleeper Coach) of Garib Rath
First Class Air Conditioned
It is similar in layout to the F Class, and is Air Conditioned
Combination of H & A Class
It is combination of two types. Half Coach is of first Class Air Conditioned which is of type H and other half is 2-Tier Air Conditioned which is of Type A
Combination of H & B Class
It is combination of two types. Half Coach is of first Class Air Conditioned which is of type H and other half is 3-Tier Air Conditioned which is of Type B
Garib Rath Chair Car
It is the Garib Rath version of the Chair Car sitting
2-Tier Air Conditioned RAC
It is RAC in Coach type A
3-Tier Air Conditioned RAC
It is RAC in Coach type B
3-Tier Air Conditioned RAC Garib Rath
It is RAC in Coach type G
Sleeper Class RAC
It is RAC in Coach type S.
Sleeper Class version
It is Sleeper Coach. It has group of 8 berths with 3 berths facing each other i.e Upper, Middle and Lower and 2 berths on the side. Sometimes it also has 9 berths, in which case the side layout has 3 berths.
Second Class Executive Chair
It is a non-Air-conditioned version of Class E.